Creating unique space through a holistic approach

Burodesign is a multidisciplinary group of architects with several internal departments including urban planning, architecture, engineering and interior design.


The strength of the process.

The process is a path that is explored. The answer to the question is not known in advance, which leads to unique solutions and a diversity of projects.

Participation: the client as partner.

The client’s requirements are the starting point. The process is participatory: the client takes part in the process in which a network of strategic partners is engaged.


The different disciplines necessary for responding to the question are brought to bear. This approach results in the firm’s team concept and the in-house professionalism and expertise. All of these aspects come together in a project-level synthesis.

Our projects and buildings `transcend’: they are more profound, more surprising, more functional, more sustainable or more profitable than expected.

Frequently they combine these properties. Such projects are grown. They are the result of a search from various perspectives and take into account various environmental factors. They are the result of the confrontation between ideas and expertise, between research and expectations, between emotion and reason.


Societal value

Burodesign gives space to society

Space has a social significance. Sustainability in all its facets: re-use, social integration, win/win aspects for municipalities, etc.

Building means bringing actors together.

Experiental value

Burodesign gives space to the client

Each project starts with the client and his dreams and expectations. This journey is a collective journey: the client is involved, invited and challenged. The client is a partner. Creativity is a process in which the answer to the question is not known in advance. This results in customisation, in project specific solutions. Building is living, experiencing and making dreams become reality.

Technical value

Burodesign gives space to expertise

Burodesign has the essential key expertise in-house. True expertise, however, looks beyond its boundaries. Based on the conviction that one plus one can equal three, we create teams of experts that take projects to a higher level due to the individual skills, the professional knowledge of the team members and the team’s intense collaboration. We call on the expertise of professionals from other disciplines, such as historians, sociologists, economists, artists and others. Both locally and internationally. Building means building up expertise for today and for the future.

Economical value

Burodesign gives space to feasibility

Projects are not only developed in a spatial and social context, but also in an economic one. In tandem, we strike a balance between dream and reality, between your own desires and what is feasible.

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